Are Old Trees Matt Allard’s New Shiny Thing?

A recap of recent episodes lead off Episode 8 and then City Hall is in the spotlight this week!

Marty Gold has an update on our interview with an arson victim, a comment from Coun. Ross Eadie on our exclusive that the investigation into Coun. John Orlikow is on ice, and the ongoing controversy about the online posts by Dr. Joss Reimer.

We make clear, the WRHA has been under our microscope for over 15 years and we were at the infamous press conference when her predecessor “Brain” Postl made up excuses for the ER death of Brian Sinclair. With a salary over $400,000, TGCTS will continue to hold Reimer accountable since MSM gives her a pass.

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14:04 Part 2- An email to Mayor Gillingham and Councilors asked some hard questions about the slippery slope of imposing a mandatory “living wage.”

The voice of reason from St. James, Kelly Ryback, challenged the motion as “simply not feasible nor responsible.”

“Many of the jobs earning less than the living wage are low-skilled with limited responsibility… The city charter does not mandate that the city is to be the highest wage payer nor a work charity nor a make work project.”

You’ll hear his main points, and his request that council address “employee performance and productivity so the taxpayers and businesses receive more value for the wages they provide through taxation, licensing, and service fees.”

Another issue Ryback has voiced concern about- the grand Transit plan to restructure the entire routing system.

It’s being pushed through with minimal public consultation and will affect YOUR neighborhood. You’ll hear our as-yet unanswered inquiry to the area councilor about the potential effect on service to St. Boniface Hospital.

24.00 He won’t address questions about bus service or public safety near the Hospital, or about the disastrous bike lane botch on Goulet St., or about the secret plan to steal 99 parking spaces in the area to satisfy his snobby allies in bike lobby.

Instead, Matt Allard had his unofficial stenographers in the media type up a fluff piece about expanding the historic resources list to protect trees that “Indigenous people are believed to have used long ago to find shade on hot summer days.”

Matt Allard is worried about antique trees, already protected by laws governing parks. Like Joss Reimer, he’s into virtue signaling, not doing his actual job.

We’ve interviewed two other councilors, and Wyatt and Mayes are concerned about the gridlock being caused on the Goulet truck route and the effect on ambulances rushing people to the hospital. They’re concerned about the slanted bike lane “consultation” process that misled and excluded area residents and businesses. And guess what- there’s more bike lanes coming.

We tell you about new online surveys proposing protected bike lanes downtown and for Notre Dame/Cumberland. We discovered a blatant bias against drivers in the reply options. That’s your tax dollars at work.

Since the supposed rationale for these projects is ‘public safety’, we’re going to promote the return of an iconic traffic safety character to our schools and community centres to teach pedestrians their personal responsibility. Will Matt Allard support it?

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36:40 – An example how MSM filters out inconvenient news: Did you hear about the protests in Gaza? No, not the “Viva Intifada/Death to America” ones.

Muslim families are demanding the Israeli hostages be released by Hamas so refugees can return home. We report the details- and you’ll be astonished.

It’s another example of why and TGCTS are a valuable part of the information landscape in Winnipeg and Canada. With your support for our upcoming fundraising drive, we will be your watchdog in 2024.

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