Aug 9 2023 – Former Magistrate, 88, Sunday Punched at Downtown Bus Stop

TGCTS has set the pace in reporting on the eruption of ultra-violent incidents involving underage teens, random assaults, and senseless shootings. And the past week has firmly established that this summer, anyone can be a victim – it’s a Winnipeg thing.

In Episode 44 we set the stage for our special interview with a crime victim: A round-up of recent murders involving teens, a half-dozen fires/arsons, bike thefts from restaurants, outings and of course garages. And, yet another unprovoked beating near a bus stop. Hear why rampant drug use = Moms in St. Boniface can’t let their kids out to play.

It’s a harrowing review of incidents that are shaking public confidence, as people now fear going about normal day to day living.

Contrary to the belief of some unlucky MSM pundits, the Stefanson government has to confront the crime and justice problems – and their own failures on the file – in the election campaign and speak out for victims, because there are votes to be had the NDP won’t bring to the ballot box… or even try to attract.

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15:10 Part 2 – What happened when an 88 year old man wanted to catch a bus downtown to enjoy the long weekend with his friends in St. Boniface?

As he told police, he’s used to beggars approaching downtown and having to fork over a toonie…, but this guy on Sunday afternoon looked different.

“My glasses went flying”

You’ll hear a former magistrate describe being suddenly confronted while waiting for a bus at Main St. and Assiniboine Ave. and how it could have turned out worse if not for Good Samaritans.

(Not the kind of sunny Sunday the Friends of Upper Fort Garry envisioned for that corner back in the day.)

And to his surprise, he found out he was not the only member of his family to be struck out of the blue last week. The former magistrate gives advice for fearful seniors and other residents of the City, and tells what a cop told him about the situation on Winnipeg streets.

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34:16 Part 3- A Tale of Two Court Cases: one where the Crown Attorneys did the right thing, and the other, where the Crown’s should be called on the carpet after they inexcusably stalled a sexual assault trial right off the docket.

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Coming up: more on Councilor John Orlikow and the $5M Parker Lands court loss; Tories don’t panic over MLCC strike- yet; and election views from around the province!

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