Dr. Joss Reimer Touts EV’s As ER Patient Dies

Our ⁠most popular episode in 2024 ⁠happens to rank at #3 all-time, and so back to the well we go for Episode 7!

Dr. Joss Reimer- “Winnipeg’s top doctor”- continues to provide ample evidence she’s more focused on advancing her political views than on WRHA patients.

3:57 – After a New Year’s Eve tweet dismissing the concerns about violence in downtown Winnipeg as being a by-product of “good old fashioned racism”, the head of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority heard firsthand from residents- especially women- how wrong she was.

That was just a sample of the opinions Reimer has, making folks wonder how detached she is from the reality of life in Winnipeg.

One commenter noted,

“She continuously whines about misogyny while simultaneously thanking people for their support after being elected to president of something important. But she believes the medical field is misogynistic. Crying from her ivory tower.”

Among a bare minimum of online posts about Emergency Rooms and overworked health care employees- and offering a bureaucratic solution that will take 15 years to implement – Reimer is relentless in promoting a left-wing, climate alarmist agenda with a sprinkling of ‘the dangers of misinformation” thrown in.

In Episode 7, you’ll hear about her far-out views on “surviving climate change”, and her related obsession with electric vehicles.

Dr. Joss Reimer wields a narrow interpretation of science, complains about ‘misinformation’ that challenges the medical establishment, and hates fossil fuels, even though thousands of prairie residents would have died this winter without it.

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The Department of Natural Resources spent $76.1M to evaluate the reliability of electric vehicles in Canadian winters just to find the study to be “inconclusive”, and warns of “negative unintended outcomes” of the mandates Reimer supports.

Consumer Reports concluded EVs are 73% less reliable than gasoline vehicles, contrary to Joss Reimer’s contentions, and are more expensive to maintain and repair. The costs of home chargers and power supply push EVs costs to the level of ICE vehicles- if not more- to refuel.

Reimer ignores those findings, and instead endorses posts by ‘visionary’ urbanists who assert a reduced winter driving range (down to 250 km from 450) isn’t important.

Who cares if people can get to Brandon and back in a day? At least her car doesn’t have to warm up, she bragged.

Does she park it outside in the cold overnight? That was just one of a series of questions Dr. Reimer didn’t answer:

“Will an EV tow my camper trailer?”

“How much do your batteries cost to replace?”

“Why do you drive if you find vehicles dangerous on the streets?”

As Marty Gold points out, when you make around $420,000 a year like her, the peons can be ignored.

But what can’t be ignored is Dr. Joss Reimer making no comment about a patient dying after a 5 hour wait in the St. Boniface ER on Friday, offering no condolences, but still finding time to tweet about how great EVs are.

As one disgusted response put it: “ER wait times are insane. Go to fucking work.”

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