Clash Between Chinese Canadians & Hong Kong Police At World Police & Fire Games

The World Police & Fire Games just wrapped up here in Winnipeg. Although the media probably gave greater attention to any protest happening between the “search the landfill” protestors and Winnipeg Police, a far more dangerous story was unfolding.
To the shock of many Chinese Canadians, Winnipeg, Canada and these games allowed almost 300 Hong Kong Police members to “participate” in the games.
These officers would almost all likely have been involved in crimes against their own people as the Communist Party of China has been using them to beat down peaceful protestors for years now. With thre recent knowledge of CCP police stations being set up in Canada, the concerns from Chinese Canadians and others about open surveillance and intelligence gathering from the CCP is very real. What were these Hong Kong Police officers really doing with their time here?
This is also an indictment on our federal Government for how open the doors are for the CCP do literally do whatever they want in Canada without any questions asked by our media, federal, provincial and civic governments. Please share this out!

In this video a Chinese Canadian tells us why he is there to protest and the concerns that not just Chinese Canadians but all Canadians should have about the dangerous relationship between Canada and the CCP.

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  1. David Wood on August 8, 2023 at 4:57 pm

    Where are Scott Gillingswine and Danny Boy Smythe while communist police forces are taking intel of Winnipeg and mingling with our own corrupt service.

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