Russ Wyatt Blasts Bike Lanes As Rollins’ Anti-Car Agenda Stalls

Marty Gold opens Episode 17 by thanking listeners who’ve expressed their concern and support after the war started in Israel. Those issues, the local impact and local media coverage will be in the next episode. We filed a story as soon as we learned of the kidnapping of former Winnipeg resident Vivian Silver, and provide her own words to describe her career working for peace:

Hamas Terrorists Kidnap Peace Activist Originally from Winnipeg


4.30 – It was back to the future for Transcona Councilor Russ Wyatt! He reminded fellow Public Works committee members that installing the Assiniboine bike lane in 2010 resulted in perpetual gridlock downtown- and he’s not going to let Coun. Sherri Rollins make it worse with her latest urban visionary ideas.

You’ll hear a lot of audio from the Oct. 10 Public Works meeting, with Marty connecting the dots.

9:17 – “Vision Zero” champion Rollins, whose Fort Rouge ward includes downtown, appeared in delegation to “implore” that the Public Works committee immediately order plans for design changes at major intersections to thwart traffic because of the “frequency” and “predictability” of pedestrian deaths… of course it’s all “urban form” approved by the bike lobby.

14.03 – If her presentation didn’t make sense, don’t worry, because Marty unravels it- explaining the background of the idea, abandoned by the Manitoba Club, to close the Assiniboine intersection at Main Street. Rollins, clearly uninformed, insists it must be revived.

21:59- Hear Russ Wyatt quiz Rollins about her anti-car ideas, asking how many parking spots are lost for new bike lanes in Osborne Village. (Rollins answered “Quite a few”, which by the way, is 206.)

He noted other factors Rollins ignores, like property owner rights; then they spar over her next election bid.

25:52 – Marty explains how Rollins fudged her answers. ⁠⁠⁠

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31:51 Part 2 – Audio of Councilors Wyatt, Lukes, Chambers and Sharma debating the 3-headed motion.

34:02 – You’ll hear the instant Wyatt and Chambers realize the Rollins plan to block the Assiniboine corner means ‘no more left off of Main?”

Listen to annoyed public service experts and Coun. Chambers walk thru the current and proposed traffic flow and how “This isn’t a complete street concept.”

39:52 – We review how a drive from St. Boniface to the Hotel Fort Garry will be delayed by this iteration of “Vision Zero”.

41:14 – Russ Wyatt provides a history lesson and harkens back to our coverage on Kick-FM. He warned councilors: “‘Imposing the bike lanes on Assiniboia” led to 13 years of headaches.

Based on a City audit our reporting provoked: “(the mayor) said we’d never do it again… but here we are again, proposing to close something which is not broken.”

Wyatt pipes up for the residents of downtown and the suburbs “who actually take that left turn…” because Broadway was turned into a total shambles. “Now we’re proposing to make it even worse??”

Wyatt also mentions legal repercussions past – and in the future. “Why do we have staff doing reports on things we aren’t going to be doing?””

Related: Watch our YouTube report from April that reviews the dishonest process to ram through St. Boniface bike lanes, and how that plan will duplicate the intention to ruin both River and Stradbrook – as Wyatt described.

City Secret Revealed: Marion Bike Lanes Plan Will Steal 99 Parking Spots – April 16/23

Also related: Months after we warned of a disaster, CTV reported Friday that trucks and ambulances in St. Boniface are being obstructed by new bike lanes.

44:57 Marty closes the episode – a look to some upcoming topics including crime and homeless encampments, more on the Manitoba election results, and listener feedback.

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