Rebuting The Blatant LIES of Both The Media and The Louis Riel School Board!

Brad Wylder of Wake Up Canada News joins Todd again, this time to put it on the record that Ryan Palmquist of the Louis Riel School Division and Maggie Macintosh of the Winnipeg Free Press blatantly lied when saying that when Ryan atteneded the school board meeting where people came to speak out against the suspending of Francine Champagne, that he had to sit and endure multiple slurs and rude comments as he sat throughout the meeting. The video Brad shows us in this report proves that Ryan got up and left within the first 15-20 minutes and that the only comments made to him was that someone called him an adulterer. A comment that is more than likely to be more factual than insulting as Ryan, a married man, recently came out as “trans.”

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