Who Are The Parents Of Violent Killer Teens, Asks Grieving Mother

The final episode of 2023 – and Season 3 – ties together our coverage of the explosion during the year of ultra-violent crime that leaves a trail of injuries, death and anguish at the hands of remorseless teenagers.

“We’ve seen that more and more often during incidents this year,” said said Winnipeg Police Service spokesman Const. Claude Chancy. “It’s definitely something we are concerned about.”

With three 14 year olds, two 15 year olds, and a 16 year old to face charges in the murder of 27 year old Peter Filip outside a Logan Avenue beer vendor on Remembrance Day, his mother showed no hesitation in putting blame where it belonged:

“Parents have to be responsible for that, and who are the

parents?” she said. It was shocking the media reported it, daring to air a view that didn’t blame “colonialism”, “capitalism” “root causes” or other far-fetched explanations for why 6 kids were roaming the streets looking for victims at 2 AM.

Marty Gold explains the trail of one death, 4 assaults, a sawed-off shotgun, and a barely-failed carjacking that proves soft-on-criminals legislation needs to be abolished. When will it be replaced with true deterrence and protection of the public from the outbursts of psychopathic teenagers.

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7:49 Part 2- Crime Courts and Public Safety Update, sponsored by Jamrock Security.

– More on the community supporting the family of Ivan Rubanik, whose murder in Elmwood on his way to work is still missing some details. His accused killer, like the accused in another recent homicide, continued to rack up charges in the year after convictions for violent crimes but were not locked up. And they weren’t the only ones exhibiting the catch-and-release pattern.

Before carjacker Ricardo Gomes fired a shot at a driver on Corydon who resisted, he also had priors. The drug addict was convicted of almost choking out a cop in front of her son, biting another and then got into it with a third. He skipped court. He had insisted to Judge Don Slough “I don’t want to be one of those people who are coming in and out of jail all my life.” But that’s what he’s become.

– The bizarre hostage-taking of four in West Broadway ended with police shooting a 52 year old man. He was a suspect in the death of a BC trucker who was found in the Manitoba Housing building at 25 Furby after going missing. The mystery started with the truck of Farah Mohamud being found on the parking lot of the Sherbrook Hotel 2 blocks away- where. listeners are reminded, the Langside mass murder case in November also had a connection.

– Marty explains, the system is falling apart, and does the math of how the 40+ homicide cases with so many defendants can result in more court trials than Wab Kinew’s justice department can manage. He ran on the premise of being tough on crime- but his commitment may be overtaken by demands from his far-left hug-a-thug cabinet and a strained budget.

In 2024, TGCTS will continue to be a voice for victims of crime, the community looking over their shoulders, and survivors deserving justice.




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  1. Olde Reb on January 20, 2024 at 4:25 pm

    I would like to be informed of all medications being consumed by all violent killers.

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