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The Thirteenth Hour EP. 48 & 49| Trump vs Desantis

The 2024 presidential election is not as far away as...
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Ask A Pastor Ep.20 (Christmas Prophecies) & Ep.21 (The Suicidal Church)

The overwhelming number of fulfilled Prophecies in the Bible that...
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The Thirteenth Hour EP. 47 | John Titor’s Time Travel

Who is John Titor? Does he even exist? Or, is...
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Convoy To WPG In February!?!

First James Bauder of Canada Unity announced Freedom Convoy 2.0...
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Update From Appeals Court With Patrick Allard!

Curt Toews speaks with Patrick Allard, who has been arrested...
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The Thirteenth Hour EP. 46 | The Life & Death of Nikola Tesla

Who is Tesla? What did he accomplish? Were his findings...
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