Thousands Join The 1 Million March For Children In Winnipeg As Protests Sweep Canada!

As Canadians did across the country, Winnipeggers and Manitobans from all over the province came in out in the thousands to protest the SOGI agenda and the idea that public school faculty can teach and offer sexually explicit material while also not having to tell parents very important parts of their childs life such as the child wanting to “change pronouns” or even transition their gender.
As we reported the past weekend, counter protests were organized by union leaders from around the country and those counter protests saw some large numbers come out across the country as well.
Here we have live, unedited video from two of our reporters as one followed a large group who gathered at The Forks and one followed a large group marching from City Hall. Both groups descending on the Legislative Building where the counter protest had been waiting all morning.
There was plenty of heated yelling back and forth but no violence and the police did not have to get involved in any way other than creating a boundry between the two sides.
First video is the entire march from The Forks to the Legislative Building including speakers.

Shadoe Davis Speaks to Crowd as The Million March For Children Begins at The Forks in Winnipeg

Million March For Children In Front of Winnipeg City Hall

Million March For Children From WPG City Hall To Manitoba Legislative Building

The Million March For Children Clashes With Counter Protestors At The Legislative Building

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