A Round-Up of Antisemitism in Winnipeg Education

While the mainstream media downplays and ignores the insidious infiltration of far-left and Islamist antisemitism into education institutions in Winnipeg like the University of Winnipeg Collegiate, we’ve led the way exposing it.

In Episode 5 of 2024, you’ll hear about 3 more examples, detailing campus harassment, academic antisemitism, and even the intimidation of music teachers.

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Dr. Haskel Greenfield, the head of the Jewish Studies department, challenged faculty members defending a Jew-hating nursing student who was suspended, stating:

“… she is only part of a hate-filled atmosphere that has been developing at the University of Manitoba”

“Are you even aware that Jews are afraid to display any sign of their Jewishness on campus these days?” Prof. Greenfield asked in his letter to the campus newspaper.

You’ll hear how he reinforced a point made by Marty Gold about the way the narrative-driven media reports on antisemitism: by showcasing “a far-left element in the Jewish community (that) are not representative of the mainstream community, which is in fact very Zionist in its political orientation.”

Prof. Greenfield maintained that “We all need to speak out to create safe space and learn to live together peacefully here on the Prairies and at the University of Manitoba.”

13.30- The University of Winnipeg is also being challenged to confront antisemitism by a local Jewish publisher, Rhonda Spivak. She’s asked some hard questions about a ‘Palestine and Genocide’ teach-in and roundtable held in November.

Marty Gold walks through Spivak’s meticulous dissection of claims by the U of W President Todd Mondor the event fulfilled “an obligation on faculty to ensure that their conduct accords with University policy and other lawful limits on free expression”.

In response, Spivak wrote:

“I ask the U of W President Mondor whether those who disagreed with the portrait of Israel as a colonialist/imperialist apartheid/genocide committing State were treated with respect and could “safely engage in respectful debate,” as per your Nov 17 statement?”

You’ll hear about a moderator and panelists who were so one-sided that anyone with opposing views about the October 7th attack by terrorists was accused of ‘racism’, booted off the Zoom feed, and vilified. And, Spivak asserted, the video of the event was edited to hide a claim- “the resistance is justified.”

“Could it be she was spliced out because her views align with those of Hamas?… It’s no wonder Jew hatred is increasing in Winnipeg…”

MSM will never dare mention her question: “President Mondor have you so far effectively tolerated a climate of antisemitism by allowing the program to proceed in the fashion it did ?”

21.00 – The third example of antisemitism in Winnipeg education is from a local public school, where a representative from a major arts organziation tried to convince teachers not to include a particular song in band lessons. Wait till you hear why.

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24:56 Part 2- What’s coming up in the next few episodes?

Marty has the rundown- more about education in Manitoba, the race for the Progressive Conservative leadership, crime and public safety, and interviews with crime victims and newsmakers.

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