Aug 15 2023 – “Quietly These Thugs Are Taking Over” Winnipeg Neighborhoods

A brief opening segment recaps the tremendous audience response to recent podcasts about the provincial election and public safety, and provides a correction thanks to keen ear of city councilor Ross Eadie.

Then, Episode 47 reviews not only media reports, but first-hand accounts from Winnipeg residents and business owners about the mayhem they are coming face to face with all across the city. They are echoing our recent interview with an 88 year old retired Magistrate ⁠who got slugged at a bus stop.

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8:58 Part 2- Crime and Public Safety Update, sponsored by Jamrock Security:

TGCTS has extensively covered the murderous mayhem downtown, the growing fear in Point Douglas caused by criminals using homeless camps as a base of operations, and the siege of South Osborne by daring thieves using the transitway as an easy ride in and out of the area.

This past week things got so out of control, we can barely find time to mention 2 suspected arsons and a fire at a homeless camp near the Osborne Bridge.

We provide the frightening details of random violence and premeditated, organized thefts spanning from St. Vital to St. Boniface to River Heights.

Exasperated homeowners and store clerks were threatened by knives, canes and aggressive behavior; women were punched by strangers; and rampant bike thefts resulted in a message to City Hall:

“What is the point of taking your bike out if it has about a 50/50 chance of being stolen each time you go anywhere with it.”

Hear examples of how victims – and bystanders- are beginning to confront the lawbreakers, such as the surprise awaiting one garbage thief. There are husbands in the community showing leadership and bravery, while city councilors have seemingly checked out for the summer.

While police chief Danny Smyth is proving to be the most bumbling cop since Barney Fife, citizens are comparing notes online and acting to identify and track violent, remorseless invaders who are undermining basic public safety- things they expect the police would do.

31.00 – As Marty describes, the best example of the rapid deterioration of public safety is occuring this summer in a neglected St. Boniface neighborhood we’ve championed for almost a decade.

A listener from the Dufresne area near Marion and Archibald has connected the dots with other residents about the steep decline in the quality of life in the ward. Their conclusion?

“Quietly these thugs are taking over St. Boniface.”

They’re encountering obvious criminal conduct like drug deals and junkies cranking in their back lanes, doorways and parks that police simply aren’t interested in disrupting and their city councilor, Matt Allard isn’t interested in, period.

Unreported in the mainstream media, they are afflicted just like Point Douglas by sketchy homeless campers on the local riverbank.

Is it a coincidence that city officials have let both areas descend into chaos ever since they successfully pushed back on idiotic urbanist concepts like a football stadium on Higgins and the Marion Freeway?

A few patterns are developing:

Predatory criminal behavior – and strewn garbage, discarded used needles, and public indecency- has spread across neighborhoods within 10 minutes of downtown.

With more and more brazen crime occurring in broad daylight, people no longer feel safe in their own yards.

Unlike the bleeding hearts from the ‘root causes!’ crowd, the people affected have no sympathy for their tormentors.

Marty predicts what will happen when candidates come to the doorstep seeking votes. Incumbent and aspiring MLAs may be in for a grilling.


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