Aug 18 2023 – Dougald Lamont: “We Want to Do Something Different”

After a press conference last week, Manitoba Liberal leader Dougald Lamont took a few minutes for an interview with TGCTS.

Lamont is in a dogfight to retain his seat in St. Boniface and he defines the top issues in the riding: cost of living, crime, and healthcare.

His seat, and those of his two fellow caucus members Dr. Jon Gerrard (River Heights) and Cindy Lamoureux (Tyndall Park) are being targetted by the NDP as they try to claw their way past the Tories and reach a bare majority of 29 members to attain government.

One electoral obstacle Lamont addressed in the interview that voters will want to hear, is the growing unpopularity of the federal Liberal Party and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

You’ll hear his comments about what the Grits have accomplished in the Legislature, what he’s hearing at the doors, the opposition NDP, governing Progressive Conservatives, and a surprising conversation he had with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.

Lastly, a fan letter:

“I have been listening to your podcast for the past couple of months! I can’t get enough!!! FINALLY a man from the media who gets it and knows what they are talking about! Such a breath of fresh air…”

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