Aug 21 2023 – Family Speaks Out After Killer Of Paul Radocaj Dies in Custody

Pajo (Paul) Radocaj, 83, was born in Croatia and was a retired construction worker living in the North End. Last August 15, new neighbours moved in. As you will hear, his daughter Vera got a call the next day that something was wrong at her dad’s house.

This special edition of the Crime Courts and Public Safety update brings the story of a family whose elderly father was brutally murdered last summer, by a killer who will never face justice.

Roman Demczyszak, a friend of the new neighbours, was arrested in December and charged with 2nd degree murder. A few weeks ago, the Radocaj family got a call about the killer, too.

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In Episode 49, Marty Gold reads the statement of Vera Radocaj with details about her dad, the day of the murder, the failed alibi, and the evidence that would prove Demcyszak did it- had he not died in custody.

“With these unfortunate circumstances I was now able to find out what happened and how my dad was killed. I was informed that even though the case did not go to trial it wasn’t a matter of who did it. Roman was the only one involved…”

[One correction to the details provided- the murder happened in St. Johns constituency, which TGCTS regularly covers. However it was mis-stated that Paul lived on St. Johns Avenue- his home was on Cathedral.)

13:02 Part 2 – More details from the west end of a bus stop assault on Ellice and arrests in a Furby St. murder; plus a bit of background about the ‘Molotov Man’ busted on Redwood Ave.


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