Aug 3 2023 – Is This What Louis Riel Would Say About Kevin Klein?

There’s a lot of good information and interviews coming soon on TGCTS, but after a number of listeners sent their views on a CBC report, the issue of identity politics gets Episode 42 to itself. It’s a more personal view on public affairs than usual in many ways.

The race-obsessed CBC was sure to find critics of Environment Minister Kevin Klein from numerous directions, including an estranged brother, questioning the true connections of the Kirkfield Park Tory to aboriginal blood.

The discussion is a search for reason, truth, and the validity of different points of view including from a “60’s Scoop” survivors group who jumped into the fray. Less discussed by the media, was that an uncle openly identified as a metis when many from his generation did not embrace the label.

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As Marty Gold points out, in the middle of this ‘No you aren’t/Yes I am’ debate came a statement of fact from the MMF that Klein doesn’t meet their criteria. The media played that card without making clear, Klein could have had 2 mixed-blood parents swear on a stack of Bibles and he still not meet their criteria- because the lineage is not from the Red River Valley.

Marty compares that with his own experience when, back in the days of the MMF emerging as a political force, he was gladly given an MMF card- despite being 100% Jewish.

Some fast research helped out this episode, with court decisions about how ‘Metis’ (as a political definition) and ‘metis’ with a small ‘m’ can be defined- and then he found an important quote from the founder of the Metis nation.

16:06 – Part 2 – The words of Louis Riel explain the accepted original term that evolved into the common use of ‘metis’, Riel’s rejection of people being “pre-occupied” with blood quantums, and the scope of his vision of who was included.

Even though it’s about Manitobans, are the principles the same for current generations- the descendants of mixed blood families in other regions in Canada?

Hear about the collateral impact on relatives out of the public eye, when a family member in the public eye has their genetics questioned. In this situation, the media’s credibility has no wiggle room for mistakes.

How do different cultures view their familial ties? And, of unspoken importance, how do their enemies? What can happen when measures like blood quantums are raised- Marty tells how it would affect his own family. Finally, the insightful comments of listeners, including a Metis business woman and of another family of Riel’s era. Not everyone is a fan of Kevin Klein and think that he’s stumbled over this matter and the connection to his murdered mother.

Listen for the parting reminder to the MSM that the look into this MLA’s background opens the door to other looks elsewhere into the backgrounds of others- if they dare.


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