August 1 2022 – Crime Victims Need A Voice In The Winnipeg Election

Two main topics this episode: A blog post that echoed our civic election themes about crime and public safety, and then we explain- what kind of a poll did Glen Murray ‘win’ anyways?

In the opening banter – rest assured this is Episode #8, not #7 as Marty said (but corrected later in the show.) The highlight (?) of Spirited Kenny’s week was seeing his first local Instagram star in the flesh. Then, we quickly swing into a segment that was a pillar of our program on KICK-FM.

We built our reputation on broadcasting alternative points of view in this city, and in particular as articulated by Winnipeg political bloggers. And one of the few remaining in the city just happened to post an excellent commentary on Saturday.—Crime-Victims-Need-A-Voice-In-The-Winnipeg-Election-e1luf6u

At 6.40 Marty reads out John Dobbin’s post, Crime and Safety in Winnipeg in 2022 Part 1

John explains why every Mayoral candidate should pay attention.

“…Being randomly attacked or being a victim of crime are probably first and foremost of concern for citizens… If people think their safety is at issue, they make different choices. It is why crime and safety blur. Perception that The Forks is safe and that crime is rare cannot only be about words but deeds.”

His post also addresses safety issues inside major malls, and mentions mall parking lots are seeing carjackings. He talks of other incidents around the city. Ultimately, John Dobbin hits the nail on the head: “The randomness makes anyone say: Are we safe anywhere?”

Anyone wanting to be the next Mayor, has to produce their plan to turn the city around. Last weekend 3 teenagers at The Forks were bear-sprayed, and a west end bus was terrorized. We ask: who will speak for those 3 victims? And for all the rest of the victims. Crime victims need a voice in the Winnipeg election.

At 23.40 there’s a message from Marty we ask you all listen to.

Then: everything you wanted to know about the Probe Poll but had no one to ask. The media, with maybe one exception, is not interested in facts and context, but in headlines.

Starting at 24.30 we look behind the headlines and news reporting of “Murray Has Healthy Lead” and at the overlooked details.

Probe described their poll as “a sample of convenience”. 

What does that mean? As you’ll hear, compared to random sampling, “convenience sample has an extremely high degree of bias… it is perhaps the weakest of all of the non-probability sampling strategies”. 

That’s the kind of Probe Research poll Glen Murray finished first in, that the media lost their minds over.

We break down the numbers, explore the biases in the response pool, and tell you why MSM poll coverage is misleading.

Did defending Canada Day shift support away from Jenny Motkaluk? Did anyone report that Probe poll respondents were not aware Glen Murray hadn’t filed his financial disclosure yet and is in breach of the Canada Elections Act?  No? Hear what we think, as we wrap up with election notes.


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