Bell MTS A Hot Mess As Layoffs Loom

Last week a listener emailed us: “To add fuel to the fire with the Bell layoffs, us Bell MTS employees don’t know what will be happening to us.”

“When Bell bought out MTS, they said they will “invest in the community” but as you’ll hear in Episode 18, “the future seems bleak to say the least.”

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Part 1- A letter from Unifor’s Director for telecom members was sent the day after Bell Media dumped radio and TV employees. There’s more layoffs planned across Canada, but in Manitoba, the idea “faces obstacles in targeting specific positions” and Marty Gold tells listeners why. But that’s not all…

12:26 Part 2- Once, MTS was a coveted employer and source of pride for Manitobans. But insider details about the downward spiral under Bell’s ownership tell a sad tale:

– “I like my job, the pay, benefits and pension but things have gotten toxic and rotten to the core after Bell took over.”

– A 66% decrease in staffing levels, as two flagship sites are half or less full.

– “The error rate with the Nordia representatives are so high” that management approaches experienced Bell MTS reps for their own customer service needs directly at work “instead of calling in like a customer.”

– Buyouts, people quitting “due to the high stress levels/toxic work environment and outsourcing of our jobs” to low-pay companies such as Nordia and Sitel, which is “why you get inferior customer service.”

– “Moral at work is at all time low, cutting hours for casual part time and regular part time employees to the point where they have to get a second job or quit.”

– A layoff clause that’s the “obstacle” the union mentioned that makes mass buyouts prohibitive, so “if they can’t get rid of us, they will make life miserable where we quit.”

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Our source also took aim at the hypocrisy of Bell BCE’s avowed commitment to the community- and their annual PR campaign.

“Don’t be fooled if this company Bell says “yes we have 1000 Manitoba employees. Ask them this, are then directly employed by Bell or are contractors? I bet they avoid the question.”

“They wonder what causes mental issues? It’s b******t like this and I find it so ironic that they have this Bell Let’s Talk Day. So Bell, let’s talk about the b******t you clowns are doing that is causing mental issues. ”

The Union local is Unifor Local 7 ( and has a General Membership meeting set for March 27. TGCTS will continue to report on the situation.

30:42 Part 3- Marty Gold explains that tips like these come to and not corporate media for a reason- we can be trusted to stand up for the truth and to get information you need on the record.

While the Prime Minister attacks social media platforms that hold him and his subsidized media accountable, we continue to represent the community.

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