Bell MTS To Drop Axe In Brandon- On Canada Day

After our exclusive report detailing the intention of Bell to continue cutting local jobs beyond the CTV newsroom, we have found out just how far they will go.

With “obstacles” in targeting specific positions for buyouts in Winnipeg, Bell MTS has set its sights on Brandon- and we have the disturbing details.

In Episode 19 you’ll hear the Unifor memo to about 30 telecom staffers in Westman and the awful Canada Day ultimatum they face.

“I want to acknowledge the devastating announcement made by Bell to migrate your work from Brandon to Winnipeg,” wrote the Unifor Local7 president in preparation for a meeting with union members on Monday.

Listeners in the know have filled in Marty Gold about the impact of the decision, and why uprooting families from Brandon isn’t really necessary – since some members of the management union will continue to occupy the Brandon facility after the Canada Day axe drops. A source explained:

“Looks to me Bell has found a way to get around some of the “obstacles” when it comes to getting rid of some of the Bell MTS employees if you know what I mean.”

We have details on how Bell MTS discriminates against Manitoba workers by refusing to consider work-from-home options for them, despite having hundreds of outside contractors doing it.

How does it affect the community of Brandon to have loyal employees treated like this? Start with their mental health, obviously, as Bell once again shows that Let’s Talk Day is a farce.

As another source told us, “They don’t mind their contracted out workers working all over the world but god forbid a local employee works at home.”

It’s disgusting and deplorable corporate behavior, and we will have even more about Bell’s plans to eliminate jobs in Manitoba in the coming weeks.

17:58 Part 2- Marty Gold recaps some recent podcasts and emphasizes that it’s the trust listeners and readers put in our coverage that drives our investigations and analysis.

As one supporter stated:

“Life was so much simpler when all you had was Legacy media and they could curate news and you really only got one opinion. Thinking was optional…a lot of the world’s messiest situations were wrapped up in a nice neat package.”

We buck the narrative, explore the complexities, and continue to put forward information that MSM hides from the public.

We’ll be talking about the Jets plea for support, used needles in parks, and the fate of Upper Fort Garry later this week.

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