Did CBC Spoil Glen Murray’s Birthday With Pembina Institute Surprise?

A midweek special commentary by Marty that runs about 16.00 minutes with a summary explaining why the CBC-TV investigative findings yesterday 
A) fit an undeniable, disturbing pattern in the career of Glen Murray, and  
B) will force more questions about Glen Murray’s history that¬†Winnipeg MSM (CBC aside, keep that in mind the rest of this essay) has oddly avoided putting under the election microscope.
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This summer, while local newsrooms abandoned their duty to voters to show a shred of curiosity, independent media were asking serious questions about the path Murray followed to end up back in Winnipeg:  
There’s always been something fishy about Glen Murray’s abrupt and unexplained departure from his “dream job” in Alberta.” The Black Rod, Aug. 17, 2022
But it wasn’t only about Alberta. Marty explains how the pattern started in Ontario, with another scandal, which he covered in August. (Broken locally by CBC)
Hear our recap:
2014   As an Ontario cabinet minister Glen Murray was alleged to have intimidated the Mayor of Caledon Рharassing a senior!- to favour a housing developer. The mayor and her husband had been victimized by at least 2 felonious criminal incidents linked to influence peddling for the development. Still, Murray insisted on a private meeting to, em, speak with her.
2017¬† ¬†Just before his actions in Caledon were identified as part of a larger corruption investigation, off he goes to the Calagry-based think tank Pembina Institute. But, as CBC just revealed, he didn’t really go.¬†He just stayed in TO and flew- FLEW – to the offices in Calgary and Vancouver, always willing to ¬†lecture on how evil the rest of us are for driving our cars to work.¬†And, he held MORE secret meetings. “Dream job” indeed.
2018   Four years after it happened, the Caledon intimidation scandal hit the media. 
Mere months later, because of the toxic workplace (4 people quit) and serious misconduct allegations, Murray was fired – FIRED -and allowed to pretend to resign. He hid that from Winnipeg voters until yesterday.
2022   Four years after his Pembina Institute HR disaster happened, it FINALLY hit the media. 
So – Every 4 years we find out about a scandal Glen Murray was involved in, 4 years before.
Marty explains why MSM has to do their job and ask questions about Glen Murray now, instead of waiting for a scandal to come out after he’s had 4 years as Mayor.¬†
Why voters need the media to demand his still-secret federal Green Party leadership financial returns. Why his pattern in Calgary- reckless behavior, unlogged meetings, refusing briefings, no idea what he was promising at inappropriate meetings, also fits the known pattern from Ontario. Why his belligerence and prima donna act in Ontario and Alberta, fits what we know about his previous Mayoral career here. 
What this all ties in to, is the strangely unreported punch line of the Winnipeg election. 
Winnipeg E-day, October 26? is Glen Murray’s birthday. ¬†
Marty asks: Is his return to public life related to the career politican turning 65? Are Winnipeg taxpayers the Glen Murray pension plan?
It fits.

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