Chaos At St. Boniface ER Far Worse Than The Grace

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8:56 Part 2 – Last Thursday the Free Press published a story about “the chaos at Grace Hospital” based on a tip from a patient.

That same day, one of our listeners was in the St. Boniface Hospital and had their own tip about going to the Tache Ave ER:


Marty reviews her emails from the ER, and the conditions she endured and witnessed. You’ll hear about filthy conditions, the lack of decent food, her 15 hour wait for a room, and the “15 Code Blues.”

– The constant arrival of drug addicts needing immediate treatment for their self-inflicted overdoses has created a backwards dynamic for ER patients at St. B. – “Don’t think for a minute you will get the care you need.”

“Nobody can do their job as they are being called every 10 mins to resuscitate, the security is all being called to ER waiting room or ladies bathroom or the bathroom in the waiting room.”

When she got back home almost 24 hours later, she concluded:

“All I can say is many good people and old people are dyng while addicts are getting TOP NOTCH CARE AND MONOPOLIZING ALL THE DOCTORS AND STAFF.”

One example was when a girl was stabilized and refused to be discharged. Hear about the violence and the number of nurses and security guards required to get that methed-out woman under control.

And as we learned, the St. B. nurses have to deal with dangerous out of control characters on the way to work.

Part 3 26:33- The Manitoba Nurses Union posted that members working day and evening shifts are being put in peril by the lack of parking in the Hospital district. An MNU member stated:

“It’s dangerous as there are lots of people wandering around, high on drugs and whatever else…. what about our patients?? and visitors??”

This is a topic that TGCTS alone in the media landscape has focused on, especially with the City skipping any genuine consultation with those Hospital workers, neighborhood businesses, and residents as they ram bike lanes onto Marion and Goulet, aiming to erase yet another 99 parking spaces in the area.

St. B residents, hospital employees and former employees added their perspective to the MNU announcement- including the muggings bike riders working at the hospital have suffered.

We have the sky-high crime rates in the district and an idea to convert a rarely-used park to accommodate the MNU concerns.

Silent in all of this is the area councilor, Matt Allard, who champions rigged bike lane programs over business, hospital and public safety even though as one nurse observed “Most cyclists I see in downtown St B seems to be addicts.”


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Coming up– Yet another hospital in Winnipeg is beset by controversy; Antisemites continue to ramp up harassment of the Jewish community and now, public infrastructure; Opposition is building against Mayor Gillingham’s rush to change zoning rules to access federal cash- which neighborhoods will be the losers?

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