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  1. Mario Joyal on March 6, 2022 at 3:02 am

    🇨🇦 CANADA 🍁 [TRANSLATED] – Federal and provincial governments are infiltrated at the highest levels by foreign entities. The founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, confirmed this himself during a conference at the John F. Kennedy School of Government: “What we are really proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, the President of Argentina and others. So we entered the closets. So yesterday I was at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s reception and I learned that half of his cabinet, if not more, are for us, are in fact “Young Global Leaders” for the World Economic Forum. Trudeau has had a close relationship with Davos since his election. He went through the World Economic Forum’s executive school, the “Young Global Leaders” and is listed on its site as an “Agenda Contributor”. A few months after taking office, he had already visited the 2016 meeting. Two years later, he renewed his visit. He especially praised the WEF’s plans to develop artificial intelligence and spoke of “the importance of progressive values ​​in the context of globalization”.

    As I wrote on November 2, 2021, there is another piece of information that should worry all Canadians. The Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, is also a member of the board of directors of the World Economic Forum and she rubs shoulders with its founder, Klaus Schwab, on a regular basis. This should worry everyone since it is not normal for a member of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet to sit at the table of a foreign organization. I write this with all reservations, but doesn’t this mixing of genres amount to an act of treason under the Canadian Criminal Code? According to this law, conspiring is an overt act of treason: “Everyone commits treason in Canada, without lawful authority, who communicates to an official of a foreign state, or makes available to such an official, military or scientific information or any sketch, plan, model, article, note or document of a military or scientific nature when it knows or ought to know that this State may use it for purposes injurious to the security or the defense of Canada. (R.S.C. (1985), c. C-46(2)b)

    Chrystia Freeeland et George Soros – 01Chrystia Freeeland et George Soros – 02
    However, Chrystia Freeland has a few skeletons in her closet, since she has always known that her Ukrainian maternal grandfather (MICHAEL CHOMIAK) was the editor of the Nazi newspaper “KRAKIVS’KI VISTI” in occupied POLAND whist he had vilified the Jews during the Second World War. This newspaper was previously run by a Jewish editor who was later deported and murdered in the Belzec extermination camp. On AUGUST 21, 1942, Chomiak proudly headlined in his newspaper “GLORIOUS GERMAN VICTORY”, the raid on Dieppe by more than 5,000 Canadian soldiers, of whom 3,367 were killed, wounded or taken prisoner (read my article of March 21, 2019 ). Rupa Subramanya wrote in the National Post that Chrystia Freeland’s side gig with the World Economic Forum endangers Canadian democracy: “No need to invent conspiracy theories. The attempt by global elites to overthrow local democracy is fully visible and in full view. »

    Chrystia Freeeland is a fan of GEORGE SOROS and has been photographed with him more than once. Freeland’s grandfather was only three levels away from Hitler, who was his boss’s boss’s boss.

    In fact, we have been witnessing for the past three weeks nothing less than a color revolution, that is to say a peaceful popular uprising supported by external forces. National Defense and the Canadian Armed Forces write in the Canadian Military Journal (Vol. 19, No. 4, Fall 2019) : overthrow of the ruling party. (…) It should also be pointed out that, according to Western observers, it is not necessary that outside help be present (although it is useful) for a color revolution to occur. We are therefore witnessing a fully successful coup aimed at establishing a totalitarian regime based on the Chinese model.

    Laws are no longer respected in Canada. We saw proof of this with the February 18 sitting of the House of Commons which was canceled as police expanded their operations against protesters in Ottawa. Speaker of the House, ANTHONY ROTA, wrote on his official Twitter account: “IN VIEW OF THESE EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES, AND AFTER DISCUSSION WITH ALL RECOGNIZED PARTY LEADERSHIPS, TODAY’S SITTING IS CANCELLED.” THIS IS CLEARLY CONTRARY TO THE EMERGENCIES ACT (RSC (1985), c. 22 (4th SUPP.), which was probably one of the most important decisions Parliament had to make take in Canadian history.

    In my opinion, the emergency measures (FORMERLY: WAR MEASURES ACT) invoked by Justin Trudeau are here to stay… at least long enough to do irreparable damage. Only an overthrow of this new totalitarian regime could restore what has been deconstructed.


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