July 26 2023 – Coun. Eadie Defends Orlikow After Integrity Commissioner Asked To Investigate

Our podcast discussing the behind-the-scenes conduct of Councilor John Orlikow with City officials thwarting a developer’s plans, brought action from listeners, and re-action from one of Orlikow’s supporters on City Council.

Last week listeners heard directly from the King’s Bench court decision, a $5M ruling that two City of Winnipeg planners acted outside of their authority to stall and delay development applications from Andrew Marquess for the Parker Lands project.

Justice Shawna McCarthy wrote: “the impetus and motivation for this deliberate interference with the plaintiffs’ applications were primarily the wishes and demands of the area councillor, and the desire of some public servants to accommodate those wishes.”

( Here is our report: ⁠There’s 101 Reasons Why Winnipeg Council Must Review Orlikow’s Role In $5M Court Ruling )⁠

In Episode 39 this week, the controversy heats up – Orlikow told the media he “will keep an open mind” as Marquess and Gem Equities proceed with the Fulton Grove plan.

But one resident who heard our report has laid a formal complaint against Orlikow with the City Integrity Commissioner.

“John Orlikow should be thoroughly investigated by your commission and during this period of investigation, which should have already started, he should recuse himself from any vote, decision, action as it relates to the Parker Lands’ Development. He has lost all his integrity & credibility with respect to this Developer Led project.”

In Part One, you’ll hear the complaint that was sent to council overseer Sherri Walsh, the movie character Orlikow was compared to, and the stern admonition in the complaint directed to Mayor Scott Gillingham by one of his opponents last fall, Don Woodstock.

Then came the reaction to our report, and to Woodstock’s complaint.

14:55 – Part 2 – Emails from Mynarski Coun. Ross Eadie claimed Orlikow should face no consequences:

To Marty Gold: “if a councillor cites issues where the city could get ripped off by private sector capitalists, they are doing their job – thanks John.”

To the complainant, copied to Walsh and fellow council members: “Give it up Mr. Woodstock.”

Eadie had a few more comments in those emails you will want to hear, about some Parker Land history and also about Marquess.

His remarks are sure to generate even more discussion about how John Orlikow and City Hall handle developers, and what the Court ruled was and wasn’t legal in the process.

Please share this 25 minute podcast! We encourage the public to be informed of the evidence in the case- and to let their councilors and Mayor Gillingham know what they think should be done to hold the planners, city administration, and Coun. Orlikow accountable.

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