Coun. Eadie on Transit and Trudeau’s Housing Deal

Episode 12 is a return to our roots in talk radio, with a long-form interview of Mynarski ward Councilor Ross Eadie of Winnipeg’s North End.

4:57- In Part 1, we asked Coun. Eadie about the city budget and Mayor Gillingham’s repeated practice of issuing high interest debentures:

“We have to fund by debt the North End sewage plant,” he explained, as an example of long-term assets being financed.

10.00- “We have no more cash” because of property tax freezes in the past, and Eadie tells that the upcoming budget is going to see a change in the debt policy.

“There’s lots of people making lots of money in this City, believe me,” Eadie said, in justifying potential tax and fee hikes.

With Wab Kinew allowing school boards to hike taxes, we discuss if inner-city councilors are concerned that long-time homeowners are being squeezed.

12.50- Coun. Eadie comments on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s housing incentive “deal”.

What will the effect beof federally-influenced zoning changes in Mynarski? “It’s going to change everything”, by allowing a 4 plex anywhere from the Red River to about Sinclair, and all the way north to Leila.

“It’s going to change the whole look and feel of the neighborhoods”, although Eadie assures this is a long, gradual process.

16.15- Next, Eadie responds to Coun. Brian Mayes’ discovery about Parker Lands. Built as a transit oriented development, it somehow didn’t qualify to be on the revised civic housing map.

18.00- Trudeau’s Housing Accelerator Fund has “nothing to redevelop an area like Dufferin” – hear which areas in the north end are going to be targeted by developers.

19.36- Eadie describes how the HAF hearing process is supposed to roll out: hear how he ensured ALL council members, including Mayor Gillingham, will listen to the public’s concerns.

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22:25- Part 2- Focusing on new transit route plans, Eadie reveals that last week councilors learned “things have been changed”.

He describes crazy administration ideas for new routes in the North End, such as moving the Cathedral bus onto Inkster- despite the foundation problems. “The planners don’t know the history of these neighborhoods,” laments Eadie.

Marty raised the question about the fate of Route 10 serving St. Boniface Hospital, which Eadie is very familiar with.

28.40- Having heard our exclusive reports about relentless bike lobbyists demonizing drivers and neighborhood opposition and gaming the consultation process, Eadie related how these dynamics play out for access to Scotia. He anticipates more bike lobby resistance when he insists a bus route on the riverbank street be maintained.

31.00 We hear a forecast of where in the south end, that north end buses will land. (Get ready Stafford St.)

34.00 There’s no confidence in City holding genuine consultations anymore. Marty cites our discovery about the secret plan to erase 99 St. Boniface parking spaces.

“People should have been told”, agreed Eadie, who is determined to ensure similar complaints can’t be made about the bus route discussions. He’s already warned officials about the crumbling roads targeted for future bus use.

41:15- Marty Gold recaps the interview, observing that

Eadie agrees public consultations are falling far short of the obligations to voters.


There’s nobody with the experience Marty Gold has at City Hall, starting with speeches and covering elections in the 1980’s.

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NEXT: An exclusive-

Coun. Ross Eadie on Transit safety and the violent incidents affecting bus drivers and riders, and he discussed the safety concerns of other councilors about the City Hall campus.

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