Elon Musk Calls Children’s Hospital Trans Fundraising Pitch “Unconscionable”

Usually, when an internationally famous or prominent person talks about Winnipeg, the local media falls all over each other to get the news out. But when it goes against their promoted narrative, the “professional journalists” pretend it didn’t happen.

In Episode 27, you’ll hear what the media didn’t want you to find out about a “gender-affirming” fundraising pitch the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba attached to their Dr. Goodbear brand.

16:38 Part 2- On November 15 a Twitter/X thread was started that intended to portray their woke credentials:

At Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba we celebrate diversity and strive to be inclusive and supportive of everyone’s identities. On #TransgenderAwarenessWeek we are sharing information on gender-affirming medical care that supports youth health and wellness for kids in MB.

After citing “international guidelines for supportive care for transitioning youth”, what was being touted shocked Winnipeg donors:

Mary is a 10-year-old, who just wants to feel like a “real girl,” in

her body and thanks to her family’s unwavering love and support, together they are on a gender-affirming path to make her feel more authentically herself.

Readers were directed to a link about the child’s “journey” along with “tips to be a gender-affirming ally”:


The next day, the campaign got worldwide notoriety, when the woman who operates Libs of Tik Tok told her followers: “The kid worries about never having a baby but the hospital claims it doesn’t matter” because “her plans to be a famous actress won’t allow time to be a mom anyway.”

We raise questions about ‘health professionals’ catering to the imagination of a 10 year old, the role of the parents who claim they knew their son was “trans” since age 5, and the ability of that child to weigh the lifelong pharmaceutical and surgical consequences of “a future aligned with her true self”.

People from Manitoba and beyond unleashed strong criticism that any of those factors had been properly assessed for “Mary”.

One of those reacting was Twitter/X owner Elon Musk, who described what he read in the article as “Unconscionable.”

Listen to the legitimate concerns and questions about the Foundation promoting 10 year olds making life-altering decisions, with one noting “All of the radio stations here keep taking part in fund raisers and lotteries to raise money” for the charity.

No wonder the Winnipeg media didn’t want the public to know.

The ratio on the PR misfire was so overwhelmingly negative- with only 37 ‘likes’ on over 630,000 views- the Foundation braintrust rushed to restrict replies within 2 hours of Chaya Raichik shining a light on it (her post about ‘Mary’s Story’ has over 2.5M views).

We compare this to Louisville where even ⁠”trans-affirming” Dr. Adam Neff⁠, who admits to having a 7 year old patient, has required criteria:

“You need to meet diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria. Need to understand the risk benefit, informed consent, all of that. If there are mental health concerns, make sure that they are being addressed.”

We list the countries in the EU that have barred use of puberty blockers outside of clinical trials, the growing number of people who undergo excruciating detransition, and ask if Foundation CEO and President Stefano Grande even knows or cares. We know the Winnipeg media doesn’t- even after Raichik called the Children’s Hospital program “child abuse and all these doctors belong in prison”, and Elon Musk called it “Unconscionable”.

In Winnipeg, that’s “#NotNews”.

37:31 Part 3- Justin Trudeau forks out up to $30,000 a year to his approved media reporters. Episode 27 is another example of a story they won’t report.

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