Sept 16 2023- EXCLUSIVE: Marquess Says City Misconduct Chilling Investors

In the third part of our exclusive series, Parker Lands developer

Andrew Marquess paints a bleak picture for taxpayers and investors because of the financial risks in dealing with Winnipeg City Hall.

The internet lit up with news about a $5M court ruling that the City administration deliberately obstructed his 1900 unit housing project for years and lied to his face. He’s incurred millions in legal fees, costs and losses, but in the big picture, his concern is that anyone can be a victim- and taxpayers will pay the price.

5:48 – Hear Andrew Marquess of Gem Equities warn about dealing with the City of Winnipeg: “you will have a government that can intentionally target a developer on a political whim. That will have a chilling effect (on investment) to some extent.”

“It’s not about me, it’s not about what happened, but can we go thru this again and again and again? When you talk governance, you’ve

got to ask.” Marquess noted that a prior integrity investigation did not have access to the records that – in a King’s Bench trial – proved misfeasance by two City planners.

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Part One:

Sept 4 2023-⁠ EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Marquess Tells His Story⁠

Andrew Marquess: “I’m the bad guy for exposing something that’s going on at City Hall.”

Part Two:

Sept 8 2023 – ⁠City Expropriation Fiasco: Marquess May Get $90M

Marty Gold: ”They’re treating the public like a piggy bank – including you!”

Andrew Marquess: “That’s correct”

The discussion with Marquess in Episode 7 explores the consequences of what happens when a government loses investor confidence: “Look at the growth of all these neighboring municipalities, at the expense of the City (already)… what kind of opportunities are we losing?”

As he explains, “developers have to think about regulatory risk and market risk but the one thing that’s always been taken as a given in a country like Canada, is that your regulatory risk is never a problem, governance is never a problem here.” Except now, at 510 Main Street.

He describes that Winnipeg has seen “a flood of money because we have rules and regulations” which might now go elsewhere because of his experience.

In the face of a further potential $90M liability for expropriation costs, there’s talk about City Hall governance – and whether the next provincial government needs to grab the corruption at City Hall by the horns.

Marty asks, “Why do the people at 510 Main Street think that they’re above the courts?” Listen to Marquess explain the previous contempt ruling citing Councilors Orlikow, Rollins and Gilroy, who were responsible for “not a dime” of the legal costs and expenses.

“I think the bigger question, the governance policy- are there any rules in there that would guide behavior or protect the public from decisions (such as contempt and misfeasance) in the future?” Marquess asked, predicting “There is nothing.”

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29:21 – Marty recaps the Marquess interview series and asks where the checks and balances are on the City administration. Listen to why our exclusive series has helped establish as a destination for public affairs in Winnipeg, and how your contributions and sponsorships are vital to our serving to enhance public information.

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