Free Press Scrapped Headline Smearing Manitoba Premier – The Great Canadian Talk Show- March 12 2023

Provincial budget coverage ain’t what it used to be:
Tom Brodbeck’s column in the Free Press was full of funny backtracks compared to his pre-budget burial of the ‘Hail Mary’ playbook of the PC government. Is he a comedian?

“It’s unlikely she’ll find a receptive audience” for “a decent budget” that increases key spending -and puts money back in Manitoban’s wallets? What about the ‘buffoonery’ he predicted in his Feb. 27 column?

With leader Dougald Lamont trying to horn in on NDP turf, the Manitoba LIberal Party budget response also earns a laugh or two. Hear what really hasn’t worked for decades- the MLP approach to attracting voters.

During the break, Marty realized there was a big-time tell in the change of headline for Brodbeck’s budget analysis. First he goes over the football-play language in the budget preview story, and then breaks down Dr. Tom’s new prescription for the NDP: Wab Kinew should vote against the budget – and become a right-wing New Democrat.

Wait to hear the original title the Mountain Avenue gang created for the column- there’s no doubt they wanted to paint Heather Stefanson as something she’s not, to manipulate voters.

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