Glen Murray Should Come Clean About Caledon

Our plan to talk about those ‘other’ candidates took a turn on Thursday, when CBC reported that a retired Ontario small-town Mayor claims she was intimidated by Glen Murray on behalf of a housing developer in 2013. Murray wasn’t a lobbyist, he was a Liberal cabinet minister in the Kathleen Wynne government. Winnipeg newspapers are ignoring this scandal, but we aren’t.

In Part One:

6.00 Coun. Ross Eadie (Mynarski) sent Marty his comments about the last podcast, including: “Kevin Klein has some very good platform issues mentioned in the clip you played like “the system isn’t working for you”.  But, you definitely need to follow up with Klein on the following facts related to his speech.”

22.20 Listen to Don Woodstock, whose campaign for Mayor is taking him down decrepit back lanes filming piles of neglected garbage, filth, used needles and worse. Every newsroom and election candidate should pay attention to what he says about desperate families and kids living on McMicken, an actual “street”. More shocking Facebook audio from his trip to ‘third-world’ Winnipeg soon.

30.15 Kenny asks good questions about the dousing of Police Chief Danny Smyth by a water-pitcher-wielding assailant.

In Part Two: 

36.55  Shocking details of years of violence and threats suffered by Caledon’s then-mayor, Marolyn Morrison, in a decade-long scenerio Spirited Kenny says sounds like a crime movie. Husband thumped out, an attempted frame-up by a CRA agent, a zoning appeal hearing underway, yet newly-minted minister Glen Murray just had to meet with her, and then told their staffers to step outside. It wasn’t the first time someone tried to get her alone to talk about Solmar’s land, nor the first time someone had a different version of who said what.

The Black Rod reviewed the details and explained how his answers in a two-part investigative series by the Globe and Mail in 2018 are different from his words to local media today, including his lie “The Town Of Caledon” asked for the meeting, not him. Murray admits asking all staff to leave the room; we note he never sued Morrison or eastern media for claiming he threatened her with complaints he could make go away, if only…

Hear how weeks before, Murray was warned he was breaking the rules and could get fired if he was caught with a Solmar rep at the disputed site – which he was in the middle of doing, when he got the warning. Two premiers didn’t recall Morrison formally complained to them about the violence and threats (2008) and about Glen Murray (2014). Solmar donated to who??

1.13.50 – Since she made a big splash announcing her endorsement, Marty has the ‘Jewish grandmother’ questions Gail Asper needs to ask “18 years more experience” Glen Murray about his meeting with Morrison.

He left in 2006, has he changed since then? While he was away wielding power in Toronto and breaking election laws, Winnipeggers learned to use the internet and sniff out scandals (fire halls, land swaps, police stations). They also remember his reign.

Murray underestimates them at his peril; just trotting out elitist supporters won’t work.


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