Hamas Celebrated Across Canada, “Where Evil Comes To Thrive”

Episode 18 provides a rundown of the recent actions and statements of supporters of Hamas across Canada, including in Winnipeg.

You’ll hear about the organization behind the cross-country rallies and the link to a terror group that takes credit for being part of the murderous October 7th raid on Israel. TGCTS compiled the genocidal chants heard on our streets at the events and the harassment of Jews that followed.

Part 1- A Winnipeg Sun story confirms that City Hall was the stage for terrorist propaganda on Thanksgiving Day. ‘Gaza supporters’ characterized the orgy of torture and murder of infants and grandparents as “retaliation”- an excuse even Prime Minister Trudeau refuted.

Marty Gold walks through the competing rallies and marches this week, the strong but belated statements of Mayor Gillingham and Police Chief Danny Smyth decrying the glorification of Islamist killers as ‘freedom fighters’, the harassment of Jewish university students, and reviews local MSM coverage and corrections.

The Winnipeg media don’t report on the pro-Hitler online posts made by the local spokesman for the Palestinian community in the past. We do.

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21:00 Part 2 – As Marty explains, political leaders in Winnipeg turtled when a pro-Israel rally was mobbed on May 21 2021, screaming the same threats that played out in the Sinai. Now, maybe, elected officials will take Islamist antisemitism seriously.

A Cross-Canada round-up- Hear how:

– the Jewish community in Winnipeg offered support to a traveling performer isolated by the rest of the troupe

– a 7 year old boy was beaten up in Mississauga,

– arrests were made after threats to Jewish students in Toronto, and after antisemitic violence in Vancouver,

– Calgary was host to a dreadful love-in for terrorism, led by a radical activist who was welcomed to Parliament Hill last year because ‘diversity is our strength’.

33.00 Listen to the condemnation of our country becoming a place “where evil comes to thrive” by Tristin Hopper.

He said media coverage by CBC and other outlets was “stomach-churning”, that terror-cheering unions like CUPE cannot be trusted, and asked “so when do we declare the Palestinian flag a hate symbol. I’m not seeing a lot of them being waved by people who don’t support mass murder…”

As France, Germany and the UK take action against what Imam of Peace describes as “Islamist Naziism” and the EU withholds funding for Gaza, the Trudeau government ducks.

Over a dozen American universities saw harassment and violence by “pro-Palestinian” groups as BLM Chicago celebrated the attack on Israeli civilians. Canadian universities and BLM supporters are no different, but the media won’t tell you about it.

As Marty explains, radical Islamists and Marxists promote “decolonization” as a means to an end- it starts with the Jews, then it will be the Christians, and then other ethnicities.


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