Sept 6 2023 – Taking The Politics Out Of Helping Addicts Recover

This podcast opens with a quick recap of the exclusive interview we aired for the Season 3 kick-off, coinciding with the launch of, the new home for public affairs in Winnipeg.

Part 1 of the sit-down with Andrew Marquess of Gem Equities can be heard here.

Then, a fast round-up of other City Hall stories and election interviews coming up, and the surprise promise made on Day 1 of the campaign by Premier Stefanson to cut personal income taxes- for some, it would be a $1900 windfall.

Marty Gold quickly notes the details, the pros, and the cons, and you’ll hear an audio quip from NDP Leader Wab Kinew he might wish he could take back.

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11:54 – A special commentary about Recovery Day coming up this Sunday at the Forks.

Marty explains why supporting those willing to seek help is paramount to restoring safe communities. Instead, entrenched bureaucracies and self-serving politicians wield funding as a divisive tool, preventing a unified industry that would help get addicts into treatment programs with minimal delay.

“Government officials use all the terms – like recovery capital – without

ensuring their words and actions match up.”

Hear the questions everyone should ask anyone running for the Legislature- or ask any other elected politician- if you see them at Recovery Day.

24:32 – Crime Courts and Public Safety Update

The Long Weekend was a snapshot of the utter despair average families encounter when they find out they were scoped out, broken into, and robbed. Hear what was going on all over River Heights and St. Boniface – including in Norwood Flats- that included bikes, ladders, and possibly “moving” trucks.

With parents fearing for the safety of their small children and their pets, and homeowners sleeping with one eye open, maybe some city councilors and the Mayor will speak to the victims they need to help protect from the decline of neighborhood safety.

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Coming up on TGCTS:

Andrew Marquess Part 2- the Million$ in risk City Hall has exposed taxpayers to at an upcoming expropriation hearing.

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