Prairie Truth #256 – Jason Lavigne Brings Updates On Coutts 4 + Who Cares About Trudeau Divorce!?!

Jason Lavigne, one of the only independent media sources who is covering the story of the 4 Coutts men from inside the courtroom joins us to give us updates on the trial. The 4 men from the Coutts border blockade in February of 2022 have spent over 500 days in jail with no proper charges or evidence against them. As the trial has gone on it has only become more and more obvious that these men are entirely innocent and are being held as political prisoners. Jason gives us the full inside story as to what is happening inside the court room and how the men and their families are holdoing up.
Oh and who cares about the Trudeaus divorce? Really, this story right here of political prisoners in Canada is just a little more important.
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