Does Winnipeg Have Crooked City Councilors? John Orlikow, Gem Equities & The Parker Development

In an unprecedented ruling this past week, a judge concluded that Gem Equities and was to be awarded 5 million dollars for having the development of Parker lands stalled in court for years. This stalling in court was done by 2 individuals at the city’s development department and by the behest of Fort Garry/River Heights city councilor, John Orlikow.
The city and it’s officials messing with developers to get their way and enlarge their chunk of the pie is nothing new, but this court decision is and it opens the door to the endless corruption within Winnipeg City Hall.
Let’s take a look at how the land exists now, after Gem Equities fought off protesters in court, won and then bulldozed the land before being halted in court.

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