July 28 2023 – South Pt. Douglas Residents “In Danger Daily… Encampments Need To Be Shut Down – Now”

Episode 40 starts with a brief follow-up on our reports about the growing controversy surrounding a court judgement assessing the city a $5M liability to Gem Equities in the Parker Lands dispute, and a complaint to the Integrity commissioner about the role played by Coun. John Orlikow in the wrongdoing:

There’s 101 Reasons Why Winnipeg Council Must Review Orlikow’s Role In $5M Court Ruling

Coun. Eadie Defends Orlikow After Integrity Commissioner Asked To Investigate

Next, our investigation continues into the fight faced by residents, home owners and businesses in Point Douglas to get any relief from the rampant public disorder connected to the entrenchment of homeless camps in the area.

You’ll hear behind the scenes details of a terse reply a homeowner in South Point Douglas gave to a letter from a Manitoba Public Safety director- “Boilerplate responses are not action.”

After the DoJ official got taken to task for sidestepping responsibility for resident safety, a small but appreciated enforcement action was taken by police about 48 hours later and we have eyewitness accounts. Cause and effect? Hard to say, but it’s easy to say that the TGCTS coverage of brought CBC to the table.

Marty Gold reviews their report about the homeless encampments and the comments of a community leader. The current situation of intimidation, violence, fear, theft, vandalism, and murder, flows from a failed hands-off approach by the City of Winnipeg that started under former Mayor, Brian Bowman.

“The disruption in lives and society is huge and I don’t see it getting better.”

Listen carefully to what was said about the current Mayor and the area councilor who went on a tour of the problem area and offered no action. Marty describes the proof City Hall has failed the property owners and citizens of Point Douglas: the current-day experience of anxious days and sleepless nights caused by garbage, filth and round the clock criminal activity. How much did it cost to replace an industrial air conditioner unit after Pt. Douglas vagrants climbed the roof to steal the copper? It’s unacceptable.

TGCTS will continue to shine a spotlight on the crime and abuse that is causing residents to sell off their homes and flee.

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25:25 – Part 2 – A fast-paced update on recent important stories:

Assiniboine Park – word of a champion emerging to have the Ten Commandments monument returned to the Park

Another ambulance to St. Boniface Hospital delayed by City-engineered gridlock

What do school kids learn from this? Unionized teachers in Manitoba don’t report all incidents of students committing bullying and violence

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