Sept 11 2023- Kevin Klein Confronts MSM Smear Campaign

Identity politics continues to feed divisive headlines that legacy media newsrooms churn out with no shame. In Episode 5 of Season 3, we ask – Is Fake News being used to legitimize evaluating political candidates based on their blood quantums?

You’ll hear how one of those abhorrent narratives, used to pillory a PC incumbent, was granted the aura of ‘fact’ by biased Winnipeg newsrooms – but when put under the microscope, fails the test of truth.

7:06 – Kevin Klein, PC candidate in Kirkfield Park, joins Marty Gold to explain why he’s taking action against CBC Manitoba.

The race-obsessed CBC reported about his family heritage in Ontario and alleged that he has falsely claimed Metis bloodlines.

Now, Klein is promising to go beyond mere corrections and apologies – because the smear campaign has affected his family directly.

Sometimes it’s not what’s in the story, it’s what was left out of the story, that tells the tale, Klein explains.

“The family tree that we have is not the one they published… what would make the media happy? Am I supposed to disown my family?”

That’s just part of what shifts the media reports outside of the realm of legitimate public interest journalism – and it’s being used instead as the foundation of a smear campaign.

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This weekend, a newspaper columnist hopped on the bandwagon, telling a personal story of taking her young children to get their MMF cards and her family history and particularly of how the ancient governments “robbed Metis children” – presumably including hers in the present day- “of their inheritance”.

After 5 paragraphs, “Metis heritage always comes down to community” suddenly veers into Kevin Klein.

Assailed for his “lack of education about Indigenous people in our province”, the columnist said when “Klein asserts he is Metis” is it “hurtful and confusing”.

So confusing to her, in fact, that Rebecca Chambers concluded that Klein is “claiming to be us” to bolster his political ambitions. But that is Fake News.

Last month we asked Is This What Louis Riel Would Say About Kevin Klein? He certainly wouldn’t say what Rebecca Chambers did in the Free Press.

As you’ll hear him confirm, his mother’s bloodline has no link to the Red River Metis and Klein never said it did. And this issue has nothing to do with requiring any approval from the MMF.

This is a far-ranging discussion with Klein about the role of mainstream media in elections, and ends with a stark reminder of the ripple effects of Identity Politics on family members and relationships.

“It’s a hunt to take me down… This is just political spin, enough is enough is enough. We’re elected to do a job, not to create political division.”

36:58 – Marty wraps up the episode, with a mention of our most recent investigative series:

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