Sept 29 2023- Kinew Has No Clue On Crime, Says Security Expert Don Woodstock

Hear our special guest for Episode 14 give his views on the crime-fighting platforms of the parties in the Manitoba election- and in particular, on the qualifications of Wab Kinew to become Premier.

In a pointed half-hour conversation with Marty Gold, the owner of Jamrock Security, Don Woodstock, says little he heard during the campaign was going to turn the tide against social disorder and street-level thuggery.

On the PC’s, he said their proposals were “a step in the right direction” but that Heather Stafanson “stopped short” of the bold commitment needed to remove thieves and muggers from besieged neighborhoods and homeless encampments from our streets and riverbanks.

Woodstock makes the point his company makes money protecting residents and businesses from crime but that he is dedicated to slashing crime rates. “If you do the crime, do the time” has been lost in the judicial process and the result is an often- violent criminal underclass emboldened to do whatever they want- break-ins, retails thefts, and transit muggings.

9.00 In Woodstock’s view, the NDP crime platform was empty and hypocritical- and he has harsh words for Wab Kinew.

“Who is it that actually promoted this guy and pushed him forward?”

“If my daughter came home and said Dad I met this man… but he had done all of the things Wab Kinew did I would never invite him to my table to sit down. He cannot come into my house period end of story.”

A recap of Kinew’s misdeeds, with assaults of spouses and cabbies, speeding tickets, and other people’s money – makes it simple for Woodstock.

“Anybody who is going to run for public office, you have to be able to at least pass some mustard test. One of those for me personally has been… when you write and you record a song that calls women whores and bitches and whatever, that there draws a line for me…” said Woodstock, harkening back a decade when Kinew was described as a rapper and poet.

Citing Bob Marley and other artists, Woodstock insists “None of them described women the way Wab Kinew does! Not one of them!”

“Why then don’t we believe the victims?” The harassment and abuse Kinew’s former spouse Tara Hart endured and his avoidance of restorative justice means, ‘you have to find the people you done wrong to… and listen to their story, and then you can start that journey… you can’t run away from yourself Wab.”

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16.00 Wab Kinew’s proposals are hollow, said Woodstock: “Nobody wants your $300 Wab,” pointing to the harsh reality his clients, “union reps too” face when coming home to a shambled house and even finding their pets maimed.

Instead, “Show me a plan that’s going to stop people from kicking in people’s doors. They know if they get caught they’re going to get a slap on the wrists… you can’t be defacing people’s property and nothing will happen to you so you run amok.”

The discussion includes reviewing the visit Woodstock and Marty made to the Waterfront homeless camp this summer, the refusal of public officials to help area business and homeowners deal with the filth and damage. Woodstock also points a finger or two back to Ottawa, Justin Trudeau, and Trudeau and Kinew’s federal ally, Jagmeet Singh.

Woodstock, whose company has sponsored the Crime Courts and Public Safety Update for the election period, gives a ringing endorsement for the efforts of to restore an alternative platform for information and opinion in Winnipeg instead of the Trudeau paid-for narratives in the MSM.

33:52 – Part 2 – Marty has a preview of our upcoming story about a Winnipeg church.

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