HIDDEN CAMERA! Louis Riel School Board Calls Speaker A “Terrorist” Then Shuts Down Meeting!

Winnipeg Alternative Media reporter, Karl Krebs, went live undercover at a Louis Riel School Board meeting where many concerned parents were attending to show their support for Francine Chapagne. A trustee who was suspended unjustly as the mainstream media drags her over the coals with vicious lies.
Chris Sigurdson (School Trustee & Lawyer) then decided to call Patrick Allard a terrorist. When confronted about this, the school board, that had already called the police and lied about the concerned parents attending, shut down the meeting.
The MSM then jumped on this and continued to spread lies about the fact that a peaceful crowd of concerned citizens went to a public meeting to ask questions about an elected trustee being suspended without due process.
Please watch our follow up report with speaker Patrick Allard.

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