Province Wants To Toss Constitutional Challenge On “Manitoba 5”

The “Manitoba 5” who were arrested May of 2021, except for Minister Tobias Tissen who was not arrested until later that year finally see their first day in court, but earlier than expected. Even though the courts already have a 5 day trial set to begin on August 22nd, the province decided that they wanted to attempt to shut down the trial and not allow the constitutional challenge that had been put forward to go to trial. So the five – Partrick Allard, Dr. Gerry Bohemier, Sharon Vickner, Minister Tobias Tissen and Todd McDougall were called into court on July 15th to fight for their right to have a fair trial and present the evidence for their consitutional challenge, including expert witnesses. The 5 will be back in court the morning of August 2nd to hear the judges decision.

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