Sept 8 2023 – City Expropriation Fiasco: Marquess May Get $90M

TGCTS presents Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Andrew Marquess, the victim of a City Hall plot to hamstring his development plan for 1900 housing units.

“They lied to you.”


“That’s not acceptable…”

“It is, at City Hall.”

Hear Marty Gold continue this conversation with the man who has already been awarded $5M after bureaucrats committed misfeasance. That’s before a hearing to determine the value of his land that the City perhaps unwisely chose to claim for a retention pond aside his planned Fulton Grove neighborhood in Fort Garry.

(Part 1 of our sit-down with Andrew Marquess of Gem Equities ⁠can be heard here.⁠)

Marquess walks Marty thru the math of the Parker Lands valuations, which sounds bad to start with and then gets way worse when the City is also on the hook for the federal tax bill. Winnipeg residents need to hear just how expensive the way the City administration and council do business can become- for their wallets.

On a personal level, Marquess has taken on significant risk and investment in a labour of love on his part, but encountered what comes across a labour of hate by the City.

”They’re treating the public like a piggy bank – including you!”

“That’s correct”

“How do we put a stop to that?”

Marquess has a lot to say in response to Marty’s question, about the tax money wasted to pay lawyers- with more fees to do the appeal – that could have gone to needed services.

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We talk about Civic risk management, whether they tried stalling and dirty tricks to try to force Marquess to drop his fight for a fair application process, the role of Coun. John Orlikow, and the provocative comments of Coun. Ross Eadie about a formal complaint against Orlikow being laid.

Coming Up: Part 3 with Andrew Marquess & the bigger picture for Winnipeg.

What does it mean to investors who see what has happened to Gem Equities?

Do they see dealing with 510 Main Street a risk not worth taking?

What does this mean for investor confidence in our economy and for our tax base?

Where’s the accountability at City Hall?

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