Testimonies From The The National Citizens Inquiry In Winnipeg

The National Citizens Inquiry is going across Canada giving Canadians a chance to, in a professional environment, share their stories of how the Governments response to Covid 19 affected them and have those testimonies recorded and hopefully used to position towards the Government.
Regardless of any possible outcome, it is an excellent display of citizen lead critical thinking and free speech. The National Citizens Inquiry is the kind of practice we need to be utilizing at all times.
The NCI was in Winnipeg from April 13-15 and listened to testimonies from many Manitobans. Men and women, young and old. Expert witnesses as well.
Here you will see many very emotional testimonies all given on the third day. Each video is roughly an hour long and each features 3 or 4 different testimonies.
Please check out, follow and watch the National Citizens Inquiry here – https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca

A Father Shares a difficult story.

David Leis of the Frontier Centre For Public Policy gives an incredibly powerful testimony.

Mike Vogiatzakis of Voyage Funeral Homes tells a compelling story and WAM’s Todd McDougall gives his testimony as well. Plus many other incredible and imortant testimonies.

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