No Excuses For Teens Accused In December Murders

Two shocking, senseless murders have rocked Winnipeg before Christmas- and Episode 36 looks at the details and how the courts and provincial government failed the victims.

Part 1 – Public Safety update: The pro-Hamas protesters wanted to emulate the harassment tactics seen in Toronto but their plans didn’t work. We have the details about the police making sure the Indigo bookstore on Kenaston was protected- and how the local Israeli community came out on Thursday in support of the retailer.

17:05 Part 2 – We add a few notes about how the anti-Israel extremists were forced to back away from a planned Saturday incursion into the Polo Park mall. We describe the actions taken on the Jewish side of the equation, and the divide in the community between do-ers and talk-ers.

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21.30 – The killing of Ivan Rubanik in Elmwood, after his Ukrainian family came here a year ago fleeing the Russian invasion, was because the ‘system’ failed to remove a violent teenager who was clearly on an escalating criminal path.

Similar to Brent Meade, the accused in the Burrows murder last month, repeated incidents by 19 year old Ethan Gladu after a previous conviction weren’t considered a reason to keep him off the street.

The savage murder of Rubanik at Talbot and Watt, on his way to work, happened despite a weapons prohibition on Gladu, and a curfew that did nothing to protect pedestrians during daytime.

We piece together the timeline of Gladu’s charges over the last year, and the murder of his own brother by a 13 year old in 2018. You’ll hear some caustic comments from 3 women about the deterioration of safety in Winnipeg.

35:06 Part 3- Has anyone asked, where was the 14 year old girl the night before she was killed on Graham Avenue?

While we don’t know much about the 17 year old boy who stabbed her on Graham Avenue last Friday, we know about his court proceeding, the court appearance by his victim the day before he killed her, and that the same judge who released her with inadequate housing and social work supports one week also chaired the alleged killer’s hearing the next.

The girl was a chronic runaway, coming from Northern Manitoba,

on a waiting list for a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder assessment, and apprehended after 3 weeks hiding in a homeless camp at Osborne Bridge.

With that background, how was she released from secure custody, and ended up in downtown being murdered within 24 hours? Will anyone hold the judge accountable for her role? Hard questions, no answers, in this podcast.

We end with another report of public drunkenness and disorder in St. Boniface near the hospital, where despite removing the bus shelter, the partying for the derelict class continues.

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