Obby Khan/Good Local & Biolabs In Ukraine?

PC Candidate for Fort Whyte and former Blue Bomber, Obby Khan, is under fire for possibly using his organization Good Local for personal gain or being on the recieving end of an unfair deal as far as some local small business owners are concerned. Good Local recieved $500,000 by the provincial government to assist restaurants with online oredering while they were shut down. Ironically they were shut down by the PC’s and the Liberals and NDP who are now on the attack championed all the lockdowns and government measures to “assist.” The political theatre knows no ends.
If one in the Fort Whyte riding in Winnipeg wanted to get away from this nonesense political theatre we suggest checking out independent candidate Patrick Allard

And biolabs in Ukraine!?! Well, they are everywhere now you know!

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