Aug 6 2023- Patrick Allard Kicks-Off Campaign: “Our Neighborhood Has Been Forgotten About”

There’s no bigger longshot in Manitoba politics than an independent candidate seeking to unseat an established MLA – but that’s exactly what Patrick Allard is aiming to do in St. Johns.

A contractor with experience in all sorts of building rehabilitations and renovations, Allard is a lifelong north-ender. He thinks that will help open the eyes and ears of voters in the constituency who may not be satisfied with two-term NDP representative Nahanni Fontaine, who has not lived north of the tracks since she was 12 and who isn’t seen as veering out of her preferred social-justice lanes to address serious problems of crime and public safety in the area.

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Allard is no stranger to controversy himself, as a favorite target of the mandate-promoting media during the pandemic and a frequent recipient of pandemic infraction tickets. He threw his hat in the ring to replace Premier Brian Pallister in a by-election and then last fall sought a seat on the Winnipeg School Board.

In this brief interview at his campaign office opening, Allard outlined his vision for what an MLA should be doing for the North End.


This is the second interview TGCTS has conducted with candidates in the October 3 election. To hear the first one, click here:

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