Prairie Truth #218 – People Arrested, Law Lodge Removed! + Is Motkaluk For Real? & Jab News!

After being warned with fines and removal by force, Winnipeg Police and Manitoba Conservation moved in on the Law Lodge teepee at the Manitoba Legislative grounds this past week and forcibly removed all people staying there, the teepees and all supplies. 12 people were also arrested. Our reporter Nick Bonvie was on site and joined us to discuss what he witnessed.
Also joining us is Jonathan Tkachuk as we discuss the controversies surrounding Winnipeg mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk, Legault being re-elected in Quebec and much more!

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  1. Doug Cowlthorp on October 8, 2022 at 11:25 am

    they havent done anything with the East Camp because they are only wanting MONEY…….they are NOT going against “The NARRATIVE”…..that’s why its still there. If you push against what the Government is doing…..YOU ARE DESTROYED….PERIOD.
    Its time for EVERYONE to come together, because people and business’s are being destroyed……If you PUSH BACK against that….YOU ARE DESTROYED. Think about that when you look at the East Camp.

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