Prairie Truth #236 – Pedophiles, Trudy In Town & “Where’s My Inflation Cheque!?!”

Todd talks about a some current issues while on a walk outside. Topics include a convicted pedophile attending the Unity Convoy at Camp Hope, Justin Trudeau swings by Winnipeg again and people bitching about not recieving a cheque from the Provincial government because of inflation.


  1. Joe Horsefeathes on March 13, 2023 at 7:05 am

    I think you mean well but you sound like you haven’t prepared at all to talk about this. You are just rambling inarticulatly. I’ve been listening for 18 minutes and you still haven’t clearly framed what you are talking about or made a clear point. It sounds like your fishing for info from your audience, the information that you should have gathered before addressing the subject. I suggest you do your homework and get your facts straight in your own head before you start filming. Othewise, your babbeling is a turn off. If you want to keep listeners engaged get your act together. Most people are busy so when it takes you 20 miutes to say what could be said in 3 minutes I, for one just want to shut you off. Have you ever tried to write out the message you are trying to convey? Not nessessarily to use it as a script, but as a good excersize to help you put your thoughts in order so you can consicely introduce your subject matter and convey your message in a clear and chronolgical fashion. Writing helps.

  2. Leslie Young on March 14, 2023 at 10:53 am

    Day care program eh? Yeah right,they get to indoctrinate your children and will probably hire poedophiles to take care of them……….Wouldn’t be signing my kids up for any govt program

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