Prairie Truth #254 – Orlikow Story Heats Up + Safety Canada Debacle In Ukraine W/Don Woodstock & Todd Brown

Don Woodstock joins us to discuss how city councillor Ross Eadie has asked him to “drop it” in regards to his persuing further investigation and punishment of councillor John Orlikow for being found to have breached his code of conduct multiple times. The further this story goes it is fast becoming a story about the rackets being run throughout city council and not just a story about the Parker Lands development.
Todd Brown also joins in the give us some updates on firearm news and to discuss the debacle with Marco Mendincino’s wife holding stock in a defense contractor while her husband, the Safety Canada minister, made sure Canada was sendind military aid to Ukraine.
Plus we talk about the absolutely disgusting story of a man from Sudbury dying while waiting for a kidney transplant because he was not vaccinated for Covid. A man with a wife and children. Canada is clearly fast becoming a fallen nation.

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