Press Conference At Louis Riel School Division Head Office & Man Screams Crazily At Peaceful Crowd!

Ahead of the upcoming Louis Riel School Board meeting where issues like the unwarranted suspension on trustee Francine Champagne, the banning of citizens from their grounds and the continual use of pornographic material in their schools are sure to be on the docket, a press conference was called. Called by those who were banned by the Louis Riel School Division from ever stepping foot on their property again. The mainstream media was there. So was one crazed counter protestor as you will see in the second video of this report.
Shortly after the press conference a man acting as a counter protestor of sorts berated and screamed at the peaceful assembly. Calling them “bigots” and saying they are a “mockery to God.” This was all yelled at people of many different cultures and ethnicities! It was great to see a diverse crowd at the event but being accepting of minorities apparently did not matter to this individual!
Watch the video and you tell us, does it seem like this man has read the Bible? Is it righteous and/or Biblical to tell children about explicit sex or that men can be women and women can be men? Did we miss that passage? So much could be said about the senseless tirade.
We filmed it all uncensored, unedited.
Winnipeg Alternative Media has been closely following and reporting on this and other stories currently unfolding with school divisions across the Province and we will continue to.

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