“Randomly Wiping Out Parking” For Bike Lanes Must Stop, Says Coun. Wyatt

In Episode 20 we interview Transcona Councilor Russ Wyatt, following up on ⁠his remarks at a Public Works committee meeting ⁠challenging the anti-car agenda of Ft. Rouge rep Sherri Rollins.

Wyatt spoke out against the bike lane and road closure demands of Rollins. He wants the City to adapt a local improvement petition process to get stakeholder approval of bike lanes, instead of “randomly wiping out parking for residents and small businesses.”

4:38 – Wyatt explains why he questioned Rollins about the loss of Osborne Village parking for new bike lanes:

– The parking management plans for new developments were approved when hundreds more public parking spots were available. Wyatt asked Rollins if the plans are being revised, and she fumed.

– Hear him blast the faux “public consultations” held in the Village and⁠ in St. Boniface⁠; he complains the City is telling residents and mom & pop shops “this is happening whether you like it or not.”

– “Other cities have established programs to upgrade intersections along major regional streets, we’re doing the exact opposite.”

– The City has $180M to properly repair every sub-par street, and treat business and home owners fairly, “if we have the vision and political will to do it.”

Marty points out, the MSM has defended the rigging of the bike lane process, which is counter-productive to the public interest.

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16:40 Part 2 with Coun. Russ Wyatt

– Wyatt confirms that City Councilors were never informed that ⁠99 parking spots were being erased⁠⁠ around Goulet and Marion ⁠for bike lanes in the St. Boniface Hospital district, and never heard of ⁠a plan to remove parking on Traverse.

Watch the video – ⁠⁠City SecretRevealed: Marion Bike Lanes Plan Will Steal 99 Parking Spots⁠⁠ – ⁠

– From Arlington in the west end to Youville in St. B, the total parking loss for bike lanes is almost 400 parking spaces. No one could have run for Mayor on that platform and win.

– Wyatt says that Mayor Scott Gillingham promised the Chamber of Commerce he’d be focused on ‘customer service’. But instead, small businesses are being hammered by a biased bureaucracy.

“The Goulet project could have been stopped by this Mayor… I don’t know why the tail is wagging the dog.” said Wyatt,

24.00 Hear the roll call – 7 of the current members of Winnipeg Council, including Wyatt, voted to accept the audit of the Assiniboine Bike Lane a decade ago.

They vowed in Jan. 2012 to ensure the public and affected businesses and property owners were given full information about potential impacts of roadway changes. Will they stand up to the bike lobby as they promised?

“I remember when that bike lane went down and all hell broke loose… If we take the word of the Mayor, ‘the culture has to change’. When?” asks Wyatt.

Later this week- more with Russ Wyatt about the state of the City, and more about yet another proposed business-busting bike lane.⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

34:24 Part 3 – ‘Seig Heil’ hailed at Jewish protesters

– Marty provides a round-up of antisemitic and pro-Hamas activities in Winnipeg, including Nazi imagery at protest marches, and harassment of Jews in the community (one window shot out and counting).

– A columnist in the University of Manitoba newspaper said the Islamist gang rape and butchering of civilians in the Sinai was ‘understandable’: ⁠https://themanitoban.com/2023/10/destruction-of-gaza-forecasted-in-film/45874/⁠

– The blow-up between competing rallies at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights shows that the police made a big mistake ⁠by not acting the first time an Israeli flag was stolen⁠, in 2021.

The local Palestinian spokesman, who lauded Hitler’s genocide against Jews in the past, told the media “that’s just the way things go”. Do Mayor Gillingham and Premier Kinew accept that?

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