Return Of The Russ / Police Chief Smyth On The Hot Seat

We open Episode 16 by talking about Marty’s coverage in of antisemitism in the federal government, and his story about the relationship of Queen Elizabeth II with Canada and with Manitobans. Then he offers some personal comments about his experience in Los Angeles on Sept. 11, 2001 and how the aftermath led him back to Winnipeg, noting it eventually led to meeting Spirited Kenny. 
After discussing some changes to our planned coverage of the civic election, we get into the latest entrants onto the ballot – such as Sargent Ave. icon Sal Infante taking a run at Coun. Cindy Gilroy in Daniel McIntyre, turning that into a serious race. 
In particular we talk about one of our favorite guests on Kick-FM and Shaw TV, former Councilor Russ Wyatt! He is once again looking to represent Transcona at City Hall and was always a big supporter of our work. Marty tosses in a few quotes from and about Russ, from the past.
Part 2
31.40 – Mayoral candidates have ideas: 
Did Shaun Loney calculate 2000 trust fund housing units at $50,000 a door? He also has the idea of the city hiring people who face ’employment barriers’ and what it means; 
Scott Gillingham promises to invest in roads and blasted Glen Murray for his infrastructure record, but his proposal to hire  “Chief Construction Officer’ generated some banter; 
Coun. Jeff Browaty had some sobering news.Whoever becomes Mayor will be facing a $50M shortfall in the rainy day fund, (not to mention transit shortfalls) meaning scope creep and wants vs needs will factor in to opcoming council budgets. 
Rick Shone, one way or the other, was first out of the gate to echo our call months, nay years, ago – Police Chief Danny Smyth gotta go. Meanwhile police board chair Coun. Markus Chambers says the have confidence in Smyth. 
– In light of that, we discuss an open letter organizing North End businesses to fight crime before it becomes a ‘rough neighborhood’ and they lose even MORE customers, employees, windows, and insurance coverage. “We’re back to boarding up our windows” and they don’t want “to go downhill.” 
Perhaps Chambers can square that circle, since unlike the Police Board the taxpaying North End businesses DO NOT have confidence in the Chief, or they wouldn’t be in this position – the meeting doesn’t even invite the cops. We discuss how the policing system under Smyth has failed businesses in Winnipeg. 
– Lastly we try to figure out what really happened befoe the first lawsuit was filed in relation to the election, and try to provide some context to what went sideways at Bronx Park. When a well-intentioned community group hosts a Meet the Candidates event, a moderator can find the meeting is commandeered by candidates eyeing publicity before they know what hit them. 
We wrap up by discussing the media coverage of the election this summer – shame on radio, but bigger shame on the CRTC – and how we are going to persevere to add to the analysis and coverage that’s out there. 
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