Revolving Door Justice, Ambulance Failure Blamed In Vogiatzakis Murder

We bring you up to date on the senseless murder of Cork and Flame owner Kyriakos Vogiatzakis and the demands for systemic court changes to protect the public from violent drug addicts.

In Part 1, Marty Gold lays out the known reports about the violent criminal acts since 2019 by the accused killer, Curtis Dalebozik. He didn’t care about anyone else- the exact opposite of Kyriakos.

Marty describes the accolades and tributes to Kyriakos, and the crowd from all ages and backgrounds who gathered at the candlelight vigil on Sunday night outside his restaurant. He also describes practical issues the family has to solve on a day to day basis, prior to the upcoming funeral.

09:52 – Don Woodstock spoke with TGCTS prior to the vigil beginning. He was a friend of Kyriakos and his company, JamRock Security handled the safety plan when the site was first renovated.

“Kyriakos was always a preventative guy”, intent on protecting his restaurant staff and customers from the harassment of vagrants.

He tells about the kindness he saw from Kyriakos to help the less fortunate. “We have lost a very caring member of the community”.

You’ll hear Don explain how all across the city, drug addicts committing violent crime “has become an epidemic.”

“This has to be a wake-up call for everybody in Winnipeg… We need to start holding elected officials accountable. Which death will it take for us to say enough is enough? Why should we lose the best of us because of incompetent politicians, why?”

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18:57 Part 2- The older brother of Kyriakos spoke passionately with Marty about leading a demand for changes to the ‘harm reduction’ agenda that prioritizes a criminal’s rights over public safety.

20:51 – Exclusive interview with Mike Vogiatzakis.

“This tragedy means it’s time for change. It’s time for this rotating court door system to be shut… If the judges and court system had did their job, this guy would be in jail and my brother would be alive.”

Mike tells a shocking coincidence about the killer, and vows “I guarantee you I’m going to make this city safe… and take this senseless act and turn it into good.”

He explains a broader issue- a violent repeat offender was roaming around despite a warrant for 2 assaults, near kids and schools and bus stops in a “safe” west Winnipeg neighborhood.

23:51 – Mike’s concern for community safety is well-founded, as Marty reviews the addictive psychosis that politicians want to expand with “safe supply injection sites” with no emphasis on mandatory incarceration and rehab.

Justin Trudeau doesn’t care, because he has more personal security than anyone in Canada.

31:07 Part 3- The vigil paid tribute to Kyriakos with prayer and musical performances. And then, his brother gave a powerful and emotional address.

33:35 – Mike Vogiatzakis told the crowd, “he deserved to live out his dreams.”

“He had a heart of gold… (my mom) has to be at a graveside burying her kid. Why? Because the justice system failed us… People are dying every day of the week and it’s time for change”.

Mike asserted that Prime Minister Trudeau has undermined the spirit of our country- “people have lost hope” – and that he see the effects of it at his funeral home.

“This death is going to have meaning, we are going to go after the justice system”, lauding police for trying to do their jobs when “we have a system in place that’s killing us… The people have the power.”

You’ll also hear Mike describe a stunning delay by the City ambulance service in responding to the call, and an equipment failure when paramedics finally arrived.

41:53 – Marty Gold wraps up by noting the pattern of offences by Dalebozik made this incident 100% predictable- and preventable.

Will this murder be the catalyst to finally keep violent criminals behind bars to keep our families and community safe?

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