Rick Shone On Cops And Safety; Klein and RFO Campaign Updates

The Magic Word Is ‘Starter’ as Marty finally got to the bottom of the car problems! But even without getting to live events with candidates this week, we had lots to talk about in Episode 14. And as we predicted – crime, policing and public safety continue to get big attention from the Mayoral hopefuls.

2:45 – We get a couple of small corrections on the record from Episode 13 (Attn: S. Dobson and E. Duncan)

4:08 – An email from Rick Shone, running for Mayor and making a good impression along the way, is Part 1. He was responding to Spirited Kenny’s remarks about police shifts in supermarkets and Shone clarifies who’s paying. Kenny makes an important point about WPS officer burnout and whether taking extra special duty shifts might be adding risk instead of rest. Shone also describes his views as a small retailer of the shoplifting problem in Winnipeg which he says was made worse by lax big box stores, slams the Manitoba Liquor store “solution”, and explains how he handles it at Wilderness Supply. We talk about his email and note how candidates like him and Don Woodstock have first-hand experience at street level with crime- and their ideas are worth looking at.

18:45 – Part 2 starts with a fast review of Kevin Klein’s announcement this week. He would try to coordinate all the groups working on homelessness issues and try to ensure we get the best results from the grants City Council gives to them. Kenny and Marty assess that idea given the rivalries between the competing groups, and also Klein’s proposal to have BIZ organizations (and the City) give entry-level jobs to recovering homeless folks.

25:38 – Robert-Falcon Ouellette took to the progressive line of “re-defining policing”. His goal is to find ways to improve crime response and prevention. RFO also wants Winnipeg police training to be revised, based on ideas from the failed former police chief of the 1990s David Cassels, who walked away from the job after barely 2 years. Hear what we think of their idea for the federal government to create national training standards. We discuss how the feds are responsible for the rise in brazen criminal violence by eliminating deterrence and trial delays, and we tie it back to Shone’s comments about the LCs.

34:20 – An in-progress robbery at a St. James business got no police response on Friday afternoon. The owner of Red Bomb Fireworks corresponded with Hal Anderson, who is running to replace Klein in Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood. We go over the details of how an exasperated Matt Bialek watched on security cameras – while on the line with 911 – as the criminal, who had zero fear of being caught, taunted his staff.


As we enter the last half of our independent coverage of the election, we thank all of you for listening, talking with us, sending us opinions questions and tips, and helping us keep alive the spirit of citizen journalism that was pioneered on 92.9 KICK-FM and City Circus on Shaw-TV.

For those who only know of us from radio- Marty conducted a series of Shaw-TV interviews in the 2014 election, talking with prospective successors to Sam Katz for 27 minutes each.

Watch the episode with the eventual runner-up for Mayor that year, Judy Wasylycia-Leis.


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