The RFO Interview – And Some New Council Candidates Emerge

One of the most popular interviews Marty conducted during the 2014 Winnipeg Mayoral race was with a political unknown – Robert-Falcon Ouellette. He parlayed an unexpected 3rd place finish to ride the wave of Trudeaumania Pt. 2 to Ottawa the next year.
Now he’s taking another shot at the Mayor’s chair, and Marty spoke with him about his ‘surface lot redevelopment tax’ plan, and also quizzed RFO about his election campaign. We even got a bit of a scoop about an upcoming policy concept RFO is reviving from the 2014 platform.

In Part 2 – A rundown of the newest candidates to register for challenge for a seat on city council;
The worst problems that voters want solved are crappy city services, and especially random violent crime. Even Glen Murray is now echoing that urgency, although he doesn’t name who’s to blame – but we do;
Listen to the discussion as Marty explains: “There’s no message from any of the candidates that Winnipeg will not welcome criminals.” Then Kenny explains how he has seen the downward spiral from 5 years ago in our downtown;
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