Second Teen In 6 Months Murdered On Graham

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Part 1 5.55- A 14 year old girl was stabbed and killed on Graham Avenue downtown, in broad daylight last Friday. Police are looking for a group involved in the 40th homicide of 2023.

In our Crime and Courts reports, we have continually raised the alarm about downtown safety, including in June:

Violent Marauding Teens- And Pre-Teens – Sowing Fear Across Winnipeg

We covered the last murder of a teen on Graham Avenue: β€œWhat the hell is wrong with this city?” Swarmings & stabbings & try taking a bus

We’ve spoken about the ripple effect of rampant violence on the community. Hear how Friday’s killing shocked a women who uses the Graham corridor to get to work in St. Boniface- and was already distraught about how dangerous St. B and all of Winnipeg has become.

13.30 – An update on the status of the suspects in the murder in St. James. One was arrested and seems to be a rapper; but unreported in MSM, the other suspect has warrants for a raft of charges even before the killing of Lawrence Evan Pruden aka “Rich Porter”. Shootings and stabbings and the Corydon carjacking are why people are scared to simply walk to their cars in a lot of neighborhoods, let along go shopping.

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22:00 Part 2 – Marty Gold tells of being recognized in The Hockey News. He was interviewed for a retrospective about Winnipeg trucking owner George Smith, who thumbed his nose at Alan Eagleson and became a hockey folk hero.

27.50 – Public Safety Update: A Focus on Antisemitism

The harassment tactics of Jew-haters gets established in other countries before migrating to Canada.

Hear how in the US, there were 199 incidents of bomb threats and swatting incidents. The list of states will astonish you.

– A former CTV reporter, Alan Fryer, made a scorching comment about the virtue-signaling Trudeau government, but calls by protesters inside Canadian shopping malls for the murder of Jews gets silence. “Your government watered these seeds.”

– We bring details of the disruption of Christmas shopping and visits with Santa in 3 Toronto malls by the intimidation tactics of low-lifes who among other lies, claim “Jesus was a Palestinian.”

What will Mayor Gillingham and Police Chief Smyth do when it happens here?

– Think we’re safe? Four terrorists were arrested in Calgary, 3 underage. Then, listen to the story of an arrest of a teen in Ottawa, and how the mystified Iraqi father may have lied to Global News and have actually had a role in the radicalization of his kid. We draw comparisons to the un-investigated Jew-hating behavior of University of Winnipeg Collegiate athletes.

– Justin Trudeau and Wab Kinew thinks refugees from Gaza should be welcomed into Canada and Manitoba. The problem? 80% support Hamas. That’s why no Arab country takes them in.

– Will the Liberal/NDP refugee program weed out antisemites and Christian-hating Islamists? Of course not. They won’t act against the Islamists already here- still no arrests in the ‘Hitler is coming video’ proves that.

Then – We have more on the menorah removal at City Hall.

43:48 – The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg is under fire for going along with Mayor Gillingham’s explanation of why the recognition of Chanukah was interrupted. Donors like Sandy Shindleman have questions.

Hear the letter sent to the Federation assailing their ‘shtetl’ mentality and weak leadership. MSM doesn’t explain the organization only represents their 1300 donors, and not our 14,000 Jewish residents. We’ve asked their honcho for an interview.

This column in the Western Standard, asked “who’s running the city? Cowards?” after the leader of the Israeli community was manhandled over a parking infraction. We learned who the rogue cop is.

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